About Us


Brazil World Exports is a significant Sugar provider and wholesaler serving markets all through Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Working out of our Brazil and India workplaces close to our European biofuels and feedstock group, our accomplished sugar dealers are centered around making supportable incentives for clients.

Our obligation to mindful, supportable and discernible stock chains is reflected in all of our Sugar sourcing, exchanging, coordination’s, deals and conveyance exercises.

Our ability in Sugar supply and exchange assists us with guaranteeing that the items we give keep up with their remarkable quality all through the item venture.

Brazil World Exports has some expertise in the worldwide consumable oils and fats, Cereals and Milk industry, with a lead magazine, and gatherings and shows all throughout the planet.


  • 100% return policy
  • We sell at competitive factory prices.
  • Help arrange for your visa to visit our factory.
  • Professional product knowledge
  • Experienced market knowledge
  • Best MFG units’ arrangement
  • On spot supervision
  • Best transportation recommendation
  • Professional documentary operations
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Biodegradable Products
  • Small order acceptable