Powder Milk


Enhance your baked goods with added richness or create milk in-house to reduce waste and increase savings with this whole milk powder! This shelf-stable powdered milk can be used for a variety applications and is ideal for on-demand milk needs, as well as for cooking and baking. Use in yeast bread, cookie, biscuits, and pancake recipes to give your baked goods a tender, velvety texture and promote browning, as well as for creating thick, smooth, and creamy ice cream. Due to its emulsifying properties that blends water and fat-based ingredients together, it’s also great as a thickening agent for yogurt, sauces, gravies, and soups to help elevate their richness. You can even prepare bulk dry blends, such as signature hot chocolate mixes or pudding mixes.

When reconstituted with water, this milk powder creates smooth, creamy whole milk and can even be used to create sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, buttermilk, or whipped topping. To prepare 1 gallon of whole liquid milk, simply combine 4.5 cups of powder with 3.75 quarts warm water, whisk until completely mixed, and chill as needed. Stock your kitchen with this 50 lb. bulk bag of whole milk powder to be in good supply during your busiest hours and discover how many popular recipes you can prepare!

  • Can be used in confections, baked goods, dry blends, or as a nutrient supplement
  • Creates smooth, creamy whole milk when reconstituted with water
  • Shelf stable and ideal for on-demand milk needs
  • Great for bakeries, cafes, and restaurants
  • Bulk 50 lb. bag


Quantity: 1/Bag
Shipping Weight: 50.7 lb.
Features: Kosher Made in America
Flavor: Unflavored
Package Size: 50 lb.
Type: Powdered Milk
Allergen InformationSoy, Milk
Weight0.79 Pounds
Item FormPowder
Unit Count12.6 Ounce

  • One 12.6 oz (approximately 12 servings) canister of Nestle NIDO Fortificada Dry Whole Milk Powdered Drink mix SNAP and EBT Eligible item
  • Nestle NIDO Fortificada powdered drink mix delivers 5 essential vitamins and minerals in every cup
  • This milk drink mix is easy to mix for a nutritious beverage the whole family can enjoy
  • Dry whole milk beverage contains calcium, zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and iron
  • Stir 4 tbsp of NIDO Fortificada Dry Whole Milk beverage into 1 cup of warm water
  • Store your can of NIDO Fortificada in a cool, dry place


Allergen InformationDairy
Weight12 Ounces
Item FormPowder


  • Serving Size – 1 cup
  • Does Not Contain: Preservatives, antibiotics
  • High in calcium
  • Mixing Tip: Start mixing powder with hot water first. Once powder is smooth and creamy in texture, continue to add cold water. Best when chilled in your refrigerator overnight.
  • Made in the USA ; Product outer packaging may vary as per stock availability


Weight3.44 Ounces
Item FormPowder
Unit Count6.88 Ounce

  • DELICIOUS TASTE – Unlike nonfat options, this powdered milk contains real cream and tastes just like fresh milk! Milkman Low-Fat Milk is fortified with nutritious vitamins and minerals making it an excellent instant beverage for kids & adults.
  • EASY MIXING – Our creamy low fat powdered milk mixes in quickly and easily with no clumping for a sweet and smooth milk taste. It is great for camping, hiking, baking, boating, everyday drinking and any recipe that calls for milk.
  • 2-YEAR SHELF LIFE – Our unique low-fat milk powder in 1-quart packet packaging allows for a longer shelf life compared to a larger bag or canister sized packaging. Each packet is good for 2 years and makes exactly 1 quart when mixed.
  • CONVENIENT SIZE – Each dried milk package is a convenient 3.44 ounce (97g) packet that makes one quart of milk. Individual dehydrated milk packets are portable, require no measuring, and store better compared to a heavy can or box packaging.
  • TWO VARIETIES – This pack contains original Milkman Low-Fat Milk. Try our Milkman Chocolate Milk with 18g of protein too. It’s great for post-workout recovery and tastes delicious. Both flavors come in various quantities to meet your needs, even bulk