Cocoa Powder


Whether in its natural or alkalized form, our organic cocoa powder is processed to ensure food safety standards are met. Cocoa powder is won from the cacao fruit by removing the cacao beans. The beans are fermented, dried, roasted, and cracked into nibs. The cocoa butter is then extracted from the nibs by pressing them into a paste known as chocolate liquor. Finally, this is dried and ground into cocoa powder. Alkalized organic cocoa powder undergoes an additional process in which it is washed in a potassium carbonate solution to neutralize its acidity and increase its solubility.


MOQ25 Kg
Logistics / Shipping InfoOrders can be shipped throughout Europe with EXW or DAP incoterms.
OriginSierra Leone
ApplicationPrimarily used as an ingredient for the production of consumables such as cakes, cookies, snack bars, and chocolate-flavored drinks.
Shelf Life24 – 36 months
Packaging25 kg bag
StorageIn a cool (15°C – 20°C), dry (ERH max. 60%), and dark place
Laboratory Analysis
in partnership with
Salmonella, Pesticides, Aflatoxins, Ochratoxin A, Cadmium, DGHM chocolate, Mineral oil hydrocarbons, and more analyses upon request.
Additional InfoLow cadmium levels (<0,6 ppm)
SampleExpress samples are delivered upon request in Europe.